Mongolian cuisine

Learn to make a Mongolian dish. Like steamed dumplings or hand-cut Mongolian noodles. This is the perfect time to learn more about Mongolia through Saran!

Mongolian cuisine is fairly simple but interesting for that very reason.

per person (approximately 2 hours)
This rate is per person. All ingredients are bought fresh. Of course the result may be eaten and possibly taken home if there is any left over!

Many Mongolian dishes are similar to those found in China, Tibet and surrounding countries. Mongolian nomads are almost entirely self-sufficient and are therefore very creative with the few ingredients they always have available.

Dough, dairy and meat?

Meat, dairy and dough are central to almost every dish. We give a slightly different twist to traditional dishes; for years, we have been cooking exclusively vegan. It has been a fun journey of discovery to see how we can prepare different traditional dishes using only vegetable ingredients.

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Cuisine of your choice

There are several dishes that lend themselves perfectly for a workshop. In principle the choice is free, but we can also advise you. Most dishes are accompanied by a Mongolian potato or beetroot salad. Options are:

  • Steamed dumplings / Бyyz ("Buuz")
  • Deep-fried patties / Хуушур ("Khuushuur")
  • Baked pot stickers / Банш ("Bansh")
  • Hand cut noodles / Цуйван ("Tsuivan")

These are our workshop dishes.

You can also order these as an evening meal! More information about our dinners here.

Банш ("Bansh")
(Baked "pot stickers")

Similar to "buuz", but slightly smaller and lightly fried in the pan, hence the name "potstickers". Filled with various vegetables, herbs and vegetarian meat ("Beyond Meat"). Alongside, we make a Russian beetroot salad and spicy cucumber salad.

Vegan icon
We cook almost entirely vegan. Mongolian cuisine is traditionally in stark contrast to plant-based food - but lends itself very well to plant-based variations based on traditional recipes. And super tasty too!

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