A real Mongolian dinner.

All our dishes are always freshly prepared. The dishes are based on real traditional Mongolian dishes.

These are our dishes.

These are the dishes that Saran can prepare for you.

Preparation of dishes easily takes 2 to 3 hours. That is why we ask you to pass on your choice at least one day in advance, so that Saran knows well in advance what she can prepare!

Банш ("Bansh")
(Baked "pot stickers") - €18.50

Similar to "buuz", but slightly smaller and lightly fried in the pan, hence the name "potstickers". Filled with various vegetables, herbs and vegetarian meat ("Beyond Meat"). Alongside, we make a Russian beetroot salad and spicy cucumber salad.

Vegan icon
We cook almost entirely vegan. Mongolian cuisine is traditionally in stark contrast to plant-based food - but lends itself very well to plant-based variations based on traditional recipes. And super tasty too!

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