Welcome to Altai Yurt!


Welcome to our site! On this page you will find some important information that we would like you to read through. We try to keep it as short as possible.

Any questions?

Never hesitate to ask if you have any questions! WhatsApp Saran: 06 31 74 37 32 or knock on Rowan's door in the yurt in the front yard :)

WiFi in the yurt

There is WiFi in the yurt. The signal comes from the yurt in the front yard. The name of the WiFi network is"Ger Guest", there are also two 5G networks ("Ger Guest 5G 1" and"Ger Guest 5G 2") - all are guest networks and therefore without password.

Parking and driving in and out

For the driveway we have a gate (which opens to the outside). If you want to park briefly during the day, you do not necessarily have to park on the parking lot. You can also park on the grass next to the ditch. Please always park the car inside the parking lot in the evening.


Please always close the gate when arriving and leaving by car.

Breakfast & Dinner

Breakfast is included with every overnight stay. However, we always ask the night before if you want breakfast the next morning. It is not obligatory.

If you also want to order an evening meal, of course you can! The price for an evening meal is 17.50 euros per person. The dishes you can choose from are the same as the ones we prepare in workshops, shown on this page.

Using the stove

The stove is the central point of the yurt. And on colder days (and nights!) the stove is really an important element. But not everyone is familiar with making a fire in the stove. We'd love to show you how. On YouTube you can also find handy videos of the correct way to light a wood stove, for example this short video.

In brief:

  1. Place 2 pieces of firewood on the bottom of the stove
  2. Put some thin kindling on it
  3. Place 1 or 2 lit firelighters between the sticks.
  4. Let the fire start so nicely
  5. The door may now be closed, but keep an eye on the fire.
  6. The hatch on the door may be open during the lighting process
  7. The hatch may, once the fire is underway, be left ajar

It is important that there is a good combustion (yellow flame) - if this is not the case, there will be a lot of smoke - and we do not want that.

Is the firewood finished? You are free to cut and/or take new wood. Make sure that you take dry pieces of wood.

Kitchen utensils and dirty dishes

All kitchen utensils are of course free to use, - dirty dishes can be washed in the washroom.

Food waste

If a garbage bag is full you can put it in the large container with green lid next to the parking lot.

We prefer to keep mice out of the yurt. We live in the countryside, which means that all sorts of small omnivores are active here (mice, rats, martens) - we'd prefer not to make it too attractive for them to enter the yurt. Therefore we ask that you keep food off the floor as much as possible, and preferably don't leave food lying around - use the fridge for food storage, and throw anything you're not using into the bin straight away.

Fresh water

Directly behind the yurt is an outside tap. This is just fresh drinking water! Please always close well after use so it does not drip.

Sanitary facilities

In the sanitary area you will find two toilets, a shower and two sinks. The sinks have hot and cold water. There is also a washing machine.

Drying bath room:

It doesn't have to be done perfectly (We'll take care of that) - but please keep the shower a little clean and dry - there's a floor wiper in the shower that you can use to push the water down the drain a little.

Coffee machine

The coffee maker works with a filter, coffee pot and coffee beans. Below explained how to make coffee:

  1. Open the water tank lid and fill it with the required amount of cold water (it will tell you how many cups of water you need)
  2. Fill bean container with beans (if empty)
  3. Open the filter basket holder
  4. Place a filter bag
  5. Close the filter basket holder and place the jug in the appliance
  6. Turn the grinding wheel to the required grinding degree; from fine to coarse
  7. Turn the reservoir selection knob to choose one of the two reservoirs.
  8. Press the coffee strength button
  9. Turn the control knob to select the desired coffee strength
  10. Press the center of the control knob to confirm the strength.
  11. Select the number of cups by turning the operator button until the desired number of cups flashes on the display
  12. Press the centre of the operator button to confirm the number of cups.
  13. Press the centre of the operating button again. The machine beeps and starts grinding the required quantity of coffee beans. When the grinding process is completed, the machine starts to make coffee.
  14. Wait until the coffee machine has stopped beeping before removing the jug.
  15. The unit will keep your coffee hot until it automatically shuts off.
Radio / CD player / record player

The radio is free to use. We have a whole collection of Mongolian music on CD and vinyl. Nice to listen to. If you are tired of that, you can always put it on the radio, haha!


Be careful with the needle of the record player. Handle with care. If it doesn't work and you'd like to listen to one of the records, we'll be happy to show you how it works.

Animals in our garden

We have chickens (and a rooster! You will hear him in the morning and during the day), turkeys (in spring/summer the turkey rooster likes to make bell sounds during the day). The chickens can be a bit smart sometimes, don't spoil them too much with food or you won't be able to get rid of them! The rooster is very sweet, but can be pushy at times - you can yell at him to get lost if he gets in your way :)

The pigs are very sweet, and will sometimes scream for attention. If you like, you can come into their enclosure to give them some food (ask Saran or Rowan for a scoop of kibble) - the pigs also graze in the daytime during the summer, as this breed of pig is a grazer (just like sheep).

Fresh egg?!

If you want to eat eggs yourself, take a look in the chicken coop - there might be some. Feel free to take them. We often give our eggs back to the chickens (they love them, and it's full of energy) - but we also pick some up ourselves for our own use!

The garden

We are very easy - you are basically free to go where you want - but please respect the garden and everyone in it. Please don't hang from trees or play through the bushes breaking plants/trees/shrubs.


Please close the gates as much as possible at all times. The chickens will find their way - but we don't want our two pigs in our private garden or... in the yurt :-) 

The yurt

We are very easy - you are basically free to go where you want - but please respect the garden and everyone in it. Please don't hang from trees or play through the bushes breaking plants/trees/shrubs.

Whiskey cabinet

The whisky (and vodka) is free to use. We like it when you leave a little something in the piggy bank - that way we can keep the cupboard filled. And we assume that you will not abuse the liquor that is there. It is meant as a nice extra!

Activities in and around the yurt

On this page you can find some more information about workshops we give, like cooking workshops.

Activities in the neighbourhood

On this page we have added some sights and fun places that you might like to visit!