About us

Welcome to us. It is our passion to share our culture from Mongolia with you!"Altai" is a mountain range that runs through Mongolia, among other places."Yurt" is an international (original Turkish) word for what we call a"ger" in Mongolia.

Who we are.

We are Rowan Hartsuiker and Sarantungalag Myagmarsuren-Hartsuiker (call name: Saran). Saran grew up in a Mongolian"ger" (also called jurt/yurt). Because of this, our connection with the yurt isn't just because it's "nice", or "beautiful", but because it really is an important part of our lives! But besides that, a yurt is also just plain fun!

Studio Corvus.

Rowan has been working from one of our yurts as a freelance web designer under the name Studio Corvus for over 4 years. Although my daily work consists of designing websites and brands for international companies, I also enjoy making music. Specifically traditional Mongolian music, but with my own twist (including Dutch singing). I also play Scottish bagpipes (and combine this with throat singing).

Our greatest passion is to share the Mongolian culture with you.

For years we have enjoyed sharing Mongolian culture, traditions, clothing, customs, music and other related things with other people.

Around the yurt, animals such as chickens, turkeys and pigs provide some extra cosiness!

It is hard for us to imagine life without animals around us. It remains a pleasure to observe the rooster and his hens during their eternal search for food and the perfect place to sunbathe. But if you really want to experience life, meet our two pigs! Very sweet pigs (Kune Kune pigs), who really love to interact with people.

And of course our dog, Raven. He deserves his own piece of text on this page!

Raven is truly the greatest people pleaser you can imagine. Although his appearance might scare (or fascinate) you at first, he really is very sweet. However, there is a lot coming your way, so we understand that it might be "too much" at first. When you welcome him, he can be very enthusiastic. We always try to make sure that Raven is not a nuisance. If he is, we'd love to hear it and make sure he has less freedom to roam the garden. Nice: I also wrote a (musical) ode to Raven in Mongolian style.

Our activities.

Learn to make a Mongolian dish.
Like steamed dumplings or hand-cut Mongolian noodles.
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Rowan sings Mongolian throat singing
Mongolian throat singing music
Explore the possibilities of your voice by discovering overtones.
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Cycling through the dunes near our house
Bike rental
We rent out four Urban Drivestyle e-bikes with 20x4 (wide) tires.
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